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Custom Varsity Jackets & Custom Letterman Jackets

Update your wardrobe with these hot custom varsity jackets. Ideal for ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

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Enhance Your Team Spirit With a Striking Letterman Jacket
Take your team loyalty to the next level with our high-quality letterman jackets. Our family-owned and operated business has been in operation since 1999, so you can depend on us for letterman jackets in multiple colors and sizes. Our service areas include Inland Empire communities and High Desert.
Why choose us for your letterman jackets?
At We Got Em Tees, all our jackets are made of top-quality wool and leather. Get jackets in custom colors of your choice for all local high schools in numerous sizes and extended arm and body lengths. Your jackets will always come with quilted and zippered lining making your embroidery access easy!

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Most Popular Varsity wears Categories For Men & Women

Empower your team or club jackets with our professionally-made, premium customized Varsity Jackets, Letterman jacket , 
custom Varsity Crop top,  and custom apparel.

Custom varsity jackets Whole Sale Price List (based on quantity)


$85.5 / Jacket (10+50)
$82.90 / Jacket(51+100)
$79.90 / Jacket(101+250)
$75.9 / Jacket(251+500)
$70.90 / Jacket(501+)


$65.05 /Jacket(10+50)
$63.00 /Jacket(51+100)
$60.05 /Jacket(101+250)
$58.9 /Jacket(251+500)
$55.00 /Jacket(501+)


$185.90 /Jacket(10+50)
$183.90 /Jacket(51+100)
$180.90 /Jacket(101+250)
$175.9 /Jacket(251+500)
$170.90 /Jacket(501+)


$45.05 /Hood(10+50)
$44.90 /Hood(51+100)
$42.90 /Hood(101+250)
$40.09 /Hood(251+500)
$38.90 /Hood(501+)

Combining custom varsity Jackets with spirit wear can be a great way to save money and provide
a comprehensive package for your team and supporters. Here's how you can potentially save money and offer special packages: Setday tailored apparel brings unity and identity to any sporting team, club, business or school cohort
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Best quality, custom varsity jackets feature

Our Jacket include the following:
  • Built for all type of weather
  • This jacket is intended for a all type of fitting
  • Baseball collar, Classic, Retro, Hoodie
  • Drop shoulders
  • Applique and embroidered graphics at front, back & sleeve
  • Two side pockets
  • Two inside pockets
  • Front stud fastening closure, and zipper closure
  • Striped ribbed trims
  • Color: We build the color on customer demand 

    Custom Choose placement Right Chest, Left Chest, Right shoulder, Left shoulder, Above right elbow, Above left elbow, Bottom of right sleeve, Bottom of left sleeve, Above right pocket, Above left pocket, Below right pocket, Below left pocket, Back of jacket

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Design Your Varsity Jacket EXACTLY How You Want!

Let us create customized basketball jerseys and shorts to outfit your entire team.
We can even add your organization’s logo, plus the names and numbers of your players!

All questions regarding our custom Teamwear and sportswear like T-shirtsHoodies and Polo Shirts.
Your order is handled daily with a lot of love ❤️ from Pakistan and delivered worldwide!

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Design Creation:
Start by creating the design for your basketball jerseys and uniforms. This can include team logos, player names, numbers, and any other graphics or patterns you want to incorporate.

Printing: The design is digitally printed onto special sublimation paper using sublimation inks. These inks have the property of turning into gas when heated.

Heat Transfer: The printed sublimation paper is placed on the polyester fabric of the jersey. Heat and pressure are applied using a heat press, causing the sublimation inks to convert into gas and penetrate the fabric’s fibers.

Cooling and Setting: After the heating process, the fabric is cooled, which causes the gas to solidify and become a permanent part of the fabric. This ensures that the design won’t fade, crack, or peel off.


Vibrant and Durable: Sublimation printing results in vibrant colors and sharp designs that are embedded into the fabric itself. This leads to long-lasting and fade-resistant prints.

Unlimited Design Options: Sublimation allows for a wide range of design possibilities, including intricate patterns, gradients, and photographic images. There are almost no limits to the creativity you can incorporate into your jerseys.

Breathability: The sublimation process doesn’t create a thick layer on the fabric, allowing it to maintain its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, which is crucial for athletes during a basketball game.

Personalization: Each jersey can be customized with individual player names and numbers, making players feel a sense of ownership and identity with their uniforms.

If you have any other questions or specific requirements, feel free to reach out to our team.
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